3 Islands | 3 Days

Day Three – Grenada

Every single resort we’ve seen this trip has been incredible. I haven’t wanted to leave any of them, but let me tell you what – Grenada tops them all.


The island of Grenada from the plane

This new resort is Sandals’ “baby” because they built it all from the ground up except for one building that was already there. This is their new flagship resort and leads the way for future Sandals Resorts.


The original building called “Pink Gin”

The hype is real. This resort is astounding. It’s mountainous, incredibly lush. The sand is an exotic cappuccino color mixed with black.


The water is dark blue but absolutely clear.


The views are breathtaking.


The grounds are manicured perfectly – so many different kinds of flowers all different colors, banana trees. It’s perfection.


Now if you want to get to the nitty gritty then I will tell you the sand is not all powder-feeling. Some of it is, but it’s mixed with a little bit larger granules. There’s also a lot of shells.


I’m sure first thing in the morning you could find some beautiful whole shells that have washed up overnight, but for the most part it’s broken pieces that are incredibly smooth from the repeated pounding of the ocean waves.

This did nothing to advert my love for it though. The water is still so clear and feels perfect. There’s a reason they surrounded the beach with rocks as you can definitely feel the current. It does a good job of keeping the majority of the current at bay though.

Another thing – it’s HOT. We’re getting pretty far south now so that shouldn’t be any surprise. Honestly though, the weather is perfect walking around in your bathing suit, but if you’re fully clothed just be prepared to sweat!

There’s two rooms we saw that make my life a little bit better. The first one is a rondoval. Completely private pool, butler service, seclusion at its finest.

IMG_4271-768x1024 IMG_4270-1024x768 IMG_4243-1024x768

The second is an Italian Oceanview One Bedroom Skypool Butler Suite with Veranda Tranquility Soaking Tub. It has an exotic plunge pool on the balcony, huge bathroom, AMAZING view. Leave me here to die.

IMG_4185-1024x768 IMG_4206-1024x768 IMG_4203-1024x768

The resort is intimate; everything is pretty compact and very easily walkable. It surprisingly has this really private feel though and you always have space. Did I mention that it’s only two and half minutes from the airport? Seriously. I dare you to time it. The airport’s on the other side of the mountain from the resort though so you don’t hear any air traffic.

IMG_4095-1024x768 (1)

The food was SO good! So, so good. So good. And of course the service was top notch. The people in Grenada are really fun!


f only I had more than a couple of hours to enjoy it. But you could! Get your butt in gear now and get this booked. You will forever be changed.

Until next time, travel lovers!


What do you think of Grenada?

Day Two – Turks & Caicos

If you think you’re not a beach person, it’s probably because you haven’t been to the right beach yet

IMG_4030-1024x768 (1)

Look at that. Turks & Caicos is undeniably GORGEOUS! I even had a couple of hours this afternoon to swim in it. The water is super clear and gentle, the sand is powder perfect, and unlike most beaches, the sand doesn’t get all up in your swimsuit while swimming in the ocean. I’m basically in love.


Oh and don’t tell my mom that I cut my hair. I’m seeing her Saturday, I promise I’ll tell her then. (Sorry, mom!)

Beaches Turks & Caicos really is a perfect destination for everybody! You can take the kids here and not worry about the waves being too rough, or worry about rocks. There’s even some incredible kids facilities and water parks that intrigued me – and I’m not a kid. Although sometimes I wonder.


Check out this beautiful sunrise I woke up to this morning.


Now there’s four distinct “villages” at Beaches Turks & Caicos and I had the opportunity to visit them all. Surprisingly I don’t actually have a favorite yet, I think they all have some great perks. You have access to the entire property no matter what village you stay at.

The Caribbean Village is the original Beaches facility so it’s older, but they’re doing a good job of keeping up with the rooms. The room I saw was the Caribbean Suite Honeymoon Luxury Concierge Suite and I was pleasantly surprised.


The Key West Village is the newest, and they showcased the highest room category to us, a four bedroom villa. It would be perfect for a family reunion or large family that wants to travel together. Definitely not cheap, but most definitely worth it. You would seriously have the time of your life!


The Italian Village is gorgeous, I have the privilege of staying in a one-bedroom concierge suite, and boy, is it big! You could very comfortably fit a family of four. It has big windows and you can see the ocean sparkling in the background.


The French Village is set a little further back then the others, but there’s a lot of restaurants there and the kid’s facilities is right next to it. I got to tour the Two Bedroom Concierge Suite. The only bummer about the French Village is that it doesn’t have balconies. As long as you’re okay with that though it’s a great choice!


Really though for a “big” resort, it’s really not that big. There’s big resorts that are easily twice this size. The whole resort is walkable, and like all Sandals and Beaches, the service is incredible.

Now go follow us on Facebook and instagram so you can see a video of the beach and some other fun stuff that’s totally worth checking out. Like local beer, beach hangout spots, and more. I’ll also be posting a whole album of the resort in the next few days.

How excited are you to swim in the water at Turks & Caicos now!?

Day One – Exuma

What a whirlwind of a day! It started shortly before 3a, and it’s almost midnight now, but it’s been well worth it. Check out our sweet ride!


That’s a lot of travel agents in there. We ended up departing to Exuma later than planned. We also had to make a pit stop in Nassau, so we didn’t touch down to Exuma until much later than planned. We ate quickly and walked through it fast, but I still got to see it and share it all with you, and that’s what counts! Here’s some highlights:

The Exumas are made out of 365 islands and the surrounding waters have an unreal amount of shades of blue.


We landed in George Town, Great Exuma, to visit Sandals Emerald Bay. One of the best parts of the trip is the intimate airport. Blink and you’ll miss it!

IMG_3798-1024x768 IMG_3800-1024x768

It’s only about a 5-10 minute transfer time from the airport to the resort. The resort is pretty long from one side to the other, but the whole resort it set up relatively close to the beach. And O.M.G. That beach


I can’t even begin to tell you how nearly perfect it is. The sand is powder. The water is gorgeous.

I could have stayed there for a week. It’s not a resort that’s big on nightlife, but they have plenty to keep you busy during the day. Six lit big and beautiful tennis courts, equipment provided. If tennis is your thing you definitely need to check it out. Amazing 18-hole Greg Norman designed golf course with oceanfront holes. It’s also the largest golf course in the Caribbean by – drumroll please – one whole yard! So if you’re a golfer you DEFINITELY need to check it out. Lots of watersports included in the all-inclusive package including snorkeling and scuba diving.


Phenomenal food. I ate at the Italian “Il Cielo” restaurant, I think the picture speaks for me.


My second-favorite part after the beach was the pool. Normally I’m a pool person, but I have a feeling at this resort I would spend at least the same amount of time in the ocean. How could you not? Still though, the pool was big and gorgeous.


What do you think of Sandals Emerald Bay?


Your favorite phone-answerer, travel consultant, email organizer, social and marketing guru at Love to Travel is getting out of the office again this week! Okay, I may not be your favorite, but I’m excited to share this experience with you! I’m visiting three different destinations in three days.

I can hardly wait to hang out at the pool all day and show you pictures of my pretty drinks. Yeah, right. I wish!


This is precisely what I won’t be doing.

Three islands in three days means we’re going to be booking it! But have no fear, I will take plenty of pictures which will give you all of the excuses you need to book your next trip so you can hang out at the pool all day. Or the beach, you know, whatever your preference is.

The itinerary:

Wednesday – Sandals Emerald Bay in Exuma, Bahamas


Thursday – Beaches Turks & Caicos


Friday – Sandals LaSource Grenada


I’ll be updating throughout the trip so check daily to see what I’ve been up to. Which destination would you want to go to?

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