Hey Kim,

The resort itself was great. It never felt crowded, there was plenty to do the few times we decided to do something other than lounge by the pool and we never had to wait for anything. We avoided most of the planned events but it seemed like there was always something going on…we just opted to spend our time lounging at the pool with drinks instead :)

The food was all good – although we did have a few clear cut favorites. The sushi place was amazing – both the food and the two sushi chefs who were there every night. Eleanor’s (the formal caribbean style restaurant) and OK Corral were both very good, and the Japanese steakhouse was a lot of fun. Everything else was good, but a step below those.

We did a sunset cruise on the Jabberwocky (through Adventure Caribbean) one of the days and it was probably our favorite thing from the week. It was a gift from everyone I work with, so I have no idea how much it cost but it was just the two of us and the couple running the business sailing around and watching the sunset. Highly recommended and it was a nice change from being on the resort.

We also did the Eco Tour (or something like that) that we booked at the resort – it was a day trip to a bunch of smaller islands on the north end of Antigua with a couple short hikes, some snorkeling, lunch and a lot of information about the island and the surrounding area. Definitely enjoyed that as well, although if we did it again we would book the tour that stopped at Stingray City – everyone (both people at the resort and TripAdvisor) has great things to say about it…we might have missed out there.

We put the $100 credit we got with the room towards a couples massage and that was great as well.

Our only complaints were the butler service and the vendors on the beach. The beach itself was beautiful, but we didn’t spend much time there because it was hard to find a spot with any shade – the butlers typically staked out all the good spots. We didn’t have any issues at the pools because there was always available seating / umbrellas, so we spent most of our days there. The vendors at the beach were a little annoying but usually left us alone after we said no.

Overall, it was an amazing week and we never had to worry about a thing. Thanks for booking everything and I will gladly pass along your name to any friends looking to book their honeymoons.







Review by Sarah, 8/6/2014

Hi Kim,

The island is breathtaking and the Mediterranean Village is gorgeous and was definitely the perfect spot for us. We adored the Soy restaurant and the entertainment offered at the Drunken Duck was a blast. The staff was great about making sure we could watch as much or as little of the World Cup as we wanted which is always a treat for us on this every-four-year track we’re on. We met a lot of great folks which was different . . . while there a fair amount of honeymooners about, this crowd was for whatever reason more in line with our age group and just open to meeting and interacting which made it a ton of fun. Sandals’ party for return guests was top-notch which we very much appreciated as well. We took advantage of the water sports and even ran into a bunch of jelly fish during our snorkeling trip. Some of the guys started picking them up with their bare hands which was enough to send me and the rest of the women back into the boat, but Darick loved it.

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