Sandals Emerald Bay

Review by Calli & Curtis, 8/10/2016


Sorry I’m just now getting back to you!  Our trip was AWESOME!  Loved every moment of it but the highlight of our trip was definitely  the swimming with the pigs!  We highly recommend it to anyone who visits Great Exuma.  

The resort was very nice and food was pretty good.  We went to everyone restaurant on the resort.  I think our favorite was the Italian restaurant, we ate there three times 🙂 

I am so happy we were able to experience the butler service!  It was nice to have a spot saved at the beach as well as a cabana at the pool.  The first day we spent all day at the beach and completed roasted!  The butler brought us lunch and drinks to us which was very convenient!  So the next day we spent most of our time under a cabana away from the sun.  We had great butler service however some of the butlers were slower than others. We obviously had a lot of time on our hands so it didn’t bother us one bit! 

Thanks for all of your help!  We will be back soon to book another trip.

I will also send pictures! 


Calli and Curtis

Calli & Curtis Emerald Bay Calli & Curtis Emerald Bay in Water Curtis and iguana! Sandals Emerald Bay Sandals Emerald Bay Dirty Banana Calli Swimming with the Pigs in Exuma Sandals Emerald Bay Calli

Review by Amanda, 7/29/2016

We had a great time in Exuma! We did do the Safari tour and it was awesome. The captain was great and we got to do so much more than just swim with the pigs. We would absolutely recommend Sandals in Exuma. It was a great way to spend our first week as a married couple. 

Amanda ocean safari tour Sandals Emerald Bay Sandals Emerald Bay AmandaAmanda on beach Emerald Bay

Review by Bridget, 6/20/2016

What were some of your favorite things about the destination and resort? Being able to run around and do whatever we want. It was nice that there were so many different places to hangout or relax. Two pools, different games outside( I.E. Shuffleboard, bocce ball, life

size chess, croquet, etc). We also enjoyed having the dinner reservations and being able to use the ocean activities.

Did you both enjoy having your own butler during your honeymoon? Yes it was great! It was

sometimes tricky because they like to plan ahead for you and sometimes you’re not sure what you want to do but it was never a problem! They were super friendly and awesome!

How was swimming with the pigs, and would you recommend it to other couples? It was awesome!

I do recommend it, it’s just a good time overall.

 Sandals Emerald Bay Frozen Drink Sandals Emerald Bay Bridget Sandals Emerald Bay Bridget by Ocean Sandals Emerald Bay Couples Romantic Dinner Sandals Emerand Bay Beautiful Water!

Review by Brian, 2/29/2016

Hi Dave,

We really had a nice relaxing time.  Vacation is a little different with a pregnant wife for sure!  She obviously had zero cocktails and i figured it out that i averaged just less than 3 drinks per day including wine at dinner. Which was great for a nice “chill” vacation.  The resort was good, dinners were really good except we didn’t like Il Cielo very much.  Just kinda ok.  We had a lunch and dinner at Barefoot and a dinner at Cafe De Paris (OUR FAVORITE).

The wind was howling the entire time so they had the red flag out every day.  Not that big of a deal for us because we really weren’t planning on doing anything anyway! 

The golf was fantastic.  I played twice.  Both times around 1pm by myself with not too many golfers around me.  Megan joined me for the back nine the 2nd time and really enjoyed those views right on the ocean.  The course is really nice, was in really good shape, and is very challenging especially from the back tees.  25+ mph winds made for some interesting shots, but i had 3 good nines and 1 very forgettable nine.  I could play their every day and love every minute of it.

Megan had a spa day the first day i played golf and said the massage was just ok (they didn’t go deep enough for her because of the pregnancy liability) but the facial was fantastic.

Mostly we just slept in, ordered room service for breakfast, walked on the beach, hung out at the quiet pool, and read a couple of books.  After dinners we came back to the room and watched movies.  It was very relaxing for sure!

Thank you so much for hooking us up.  We will 100% be booking our vacation travel in the future with you guys!


Review by Scott & Jeri, 2/24/2016

Dave and Kim,

We had a great time at Emerald Bay.  We literally did nothing!  It was very windy most of the time we were there so we happily laid by the pool and soaked up the sun.  We really like the all-inclusive type resort and will most likely be doing another one at some point.

Thanks for all you did!

Scott and Jeri

Review by Shannon, 11/20/2015

Hi there!


Everything was really great. I miss it!!! We had never seen water so beautiful. The beach was breath taking. Pool was fantastic. The hotel seemed a little older than I imagined. I did not realize it was an old Four Seasons. I think I like the resort in Negril a little better, but still really, really nice.


The ceremony was fine. Unfortunately, it poured down rain at exactly 3:00 on Wednesday. As soon as I got down to the beach, Chris, the photographer, and the priest were running up screaming “its coming!!” Haha, I got pretty drenched before he even saw me (bummer). We went up to the café to try to wait it out. I was so pleased the coordinator let us do that. I was afraid if we didn’t get married at the backup location right away, then we just weren’t going to get married. Luckily we still had it on the beach. It was VERY windy, but ultimately everything I wanted.


We were also very pleased that they still booked us a photographer, even though we did not pay for one. She allowed us to just choose the images we liked instead of committing to an entire package. That was exactly what I wanted and I was so happy. The coordinator was very nice and helpful. We also really like Kenny, our photographer.


The airport transfers went well.


I don’t really have any suggestions for you guys. I was very happy the way everything turned out. I definitely see us booking with you again. Hopefully in the NEAR future. I feel like I am addicted to beach vacations!


I have attached some pics. The Ocean safari was AWESOME! So glad we did it. We also rented a car and drove up to Santana’s. The lobster was fantastic.


Thank you!

Shannon & Chris Sandals Emerald Bay Shannon & Chris Wedding Sandals Emerald Bay AMAZING WATER Exuma Bride Shannon Sandals Emerald Bay couple in Exuma swimming with the pigs Crab Exuma EXUMA BEACH wow Exuma View Iguana Exuma Pigs in Exuma Sandals Emerald Bay Water Shannon Swimming with the pigs in exuma Swimming with the pigs! Exuma

Review by Mary, 11/18/2015

The resort, accommodations, beach, and ocean are absolutely beautiful! Staff is super friendly and accommodating, best anywhere. Food was very good at the restaurants and the Junkaroo street party and dinner was fabulous.

The Ocean Safari and swimming with the pigs was well worth the cost.

Yes we had individual taxis.  I highly recommend taking a later shuttle on Sunday to the airport no need to go at 10 you can easily make your flight by waiting until 11:15 or so.  No extra charge just sign up the night before at the main lobby desk.

Another pic of the beach Sandals Emerald Bay Sandals Emerald Bay view! Sandals Emerald Bay Beach

Review by Mindy, 5/23/2015

Hi Dave!!

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, we have been so busy since we got back from the trip!

We had a wonderful time on our trip!! The resort was so nice and service was great. We got upgraded to being in one of the beach villas which was really cool. We were on the very end which was nice because it felt like we were far away from everyone. We met some fun couples so always felt like we had plenty to do! The week went by way too fast.

We wound up not going out on our own because no jeeps were available the whole time we were there. We did get to see a little bit of the island when we went on the pig excursion. We are really glad we did that. It was so fun to get out and see all the different islands and of course the pigs and iguanas!

Only issue was that I did get a ton of bug bites. I think I got a few and then my skin reacted.  Tyler had no bites though so it’s weird how it varies by person whether or not they bother you. I went to the nurse on site to get some medicine and they also sprayed our room for us bc we kept seeing small bugs randomly – so they did make an effort to help us out which was nice.

 Thank you so much for all of your help! We are ready to go again!!

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Review by David 10/23/2014

All was great on our trip.  All the travel went off as planned with no hiccups.   The resort is amazing, as this was our 4th or 5th trip.   We did rent a boat and highly recommend getting out on the water via 4C’s excursions.  It is worth every penny.

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Review by Bridget 9/11/2014

We loved it! The island was beautiful the people so friendly and the trip was not difficult at all! I was pleasantly surprised by sandals thinking it was going to be cheesy but food, staff & resort was amazing! Thank you for the recommendation!

Thank you!