Birthday Milestone Celebrations

If you a) need an excuse for a vacation and b) have a big birthday coming up, then stop making excuses and get this show on the road.

Now is the perfect time to get started planning your big celebration because guess what? Your friends are looking for an excuse for a vacation but don’t have a big birthday coming up. So give them the excuse they’re looking for and get perks along the way.







What are these perks you ask? I’ll tell you:

  • Early booking savings. Yes, it’s a thing. So book in advance for next year and you could save some moolah. The amount varies by resort, some have the savings, some don’t, but why not find out?
  • Group discounts. Also a thing. Book five or more rooms with us and get a promotion code attached to all of your bookings that could save you $25 to $250 dollars per booking.
  • Get money back. Depending on the resort you could get every 6th person free or every 10th room free. The resorts change their promotions often, but it’s possible that the resort you book could have a deal like this.
  • We handle all of the details and travel arrangements. People have a lot of questions about traveling and you don’t want to have to be the person who answers them. So don’t. Leave it to us.
  • Book on your own time and still get discounts. Everybody has their own schedule and budget so whenever your friends are ready to book they can still get the promo code to save them money.Disclaimer: prices will begin to increase as it gets closer to the date of travel so encourage them to get on it. See the next bullet for your leverage.
  • Make your own payment schedule. Deposits are normally under $500, and then the final balance isn’t due until 45 days prior to your departure date. You can also pay any amount any time you want between now and then. By the time your final payment is due you may not even have a balance to pay!









Traveling for birthdays is fun! Especially when you’re not the one handling the details. Get started by filling out our Planner & Quote Request, or give us a call at 913-681-3688. If you’re not sure how booking with a travel agent works then learn more on our website. If you have a big birthday coming up then how are you planning on celebrating?

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