Destination Wedding Trip in Mexico

It’s hard to believe I’ve been back in the office for two days already! Mexico was everything I thought it would be and more. If you have any doubts about traveling in Mexico please talk to us. I felt very safe the entire time, and that white sand and turquoise water is way too beautiful to pass up! Plus the people there are SO nice and accommodating. I’m going to go through some “best of” and highlights from the week:

Best Margarita
Winner: Valentin Imperial Maya
Runner Up: Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe

Best Cocktail (other than a margarita)
Winner: Dreams Riviera Cancun
Runner Up: Grand Velas

Best Wine
Winner: Secrets the Vine
Runner Up: Iberostar Grand

Best Rooms Closest to the Beach
Winner: Grand Velas
Runner Up: Secrets Aura

Best Steak (Yes, we actually got steak for dinner multiple times. No, it wasn’t my choice. I’m from Kansas City!)
Winner: Dreams Riviera Cancun
Runner Up: Grand Palladium White Sands

Best Fish
Winner: Grand Velas
Runner Up: Secrets Silversands

Best Resort for Shopping
Winner: Playacar Palace
Runner Up: Secrets the Vine

Best Resort for Relaxing:
Winner: Grand Velas
Runner Up: Valentin Imperial Maya

Best Resort for Activities
Winner: Secrets Silversands
Runner Up: Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe

Best Destination Wedding Set Up:
Winner: Dreams Riviera Cancun
Runner Up: Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe

Any place I visited that you want to stay at?

Day Four

I’ve had no time to update so here it is finally – the last day! The destination of the day was Cozumel. The majority of the group was headed to the airport today since they arrived one day earlier, so there were only five of us. Although the other four had been to Mexico multiple times, nobody had taken the ferry to Cozumel so it was a first for all of us!

We were all a little worried about getting sea sick, but we were fine. It was actually kind of relaxing. I’m sure the dramamine we took beforehand helped =)

Waiting for the ferry

There are some tips and tricks when taking the ferry over that you should know about before traveling so if that’s a future trip you want to take be sure to book with us!


It was a quick trip, but the experience was fun. We visited Secrets Aura – the only adults-only resort on the island – and Sunscape Sabor Cozumel. Here’s some of the highlights from Secrets Aura:


Amazing swim-up suites! How fun would it be to come with a group of friends?!


And that view.


And you get to admire that view from this comfy thing. Take me back!


A beautiful beach.


This is their Solarium Suite – pretty nifty!

Cozumel is a great destination for scuba divers too so if you’re a diver make sure it’s on your list.

I’ll be back next week to sum up the trip. I know you’re anxious to find out which resort I visited has the best margarita. It’s the important things in life.

Is there anything else you’re dying to know? Ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer. See you back in the office on Monday!

Day Three

There’s no doubt in my mind what the resort of the day was yesterday: Dreams Riviera Cancun. They really went all out for us and truly showed us what destination weddings at their resort can be like!

The gazebo with the “Sweet Vintage Wedding” decor


The deck is their top reception location. Not hard to see why!IMG_3295-300x225

Unfortunately we didn’t have the opportunity to take great pics of this last location, but it was larger than life and stunning. They performed a “real” wedding for us, and fireworks went off at the end on either side of the canopy. This is on the lobby stairs and had a “Great Gatsby” theme.


The theme and “real” wedding continued as we celebrated the reception in one of their banquet halls. They served delicious and creative food.

IMG_3348-225x300 IMG_3347-300x225 IMG_3341-225x300 IMG_3337-300x225









What do you think of the themes and set up at this resort?

Day Two

Hola! I haven’t even had the chance to tell you about all of the fun stuff yet! Here we go . .

Double fisting it at our first resort
Sounds bad – I know. Perks of landing early, going through customs quickly and arriving at the first resort an hour early. This is why I love all-inclusives and why you should too. Can’t make up your mind? You don’t even have too. Yes, I would love a margarita and macchiato at the same time, thank you. Fun fact: a macchiato is called a “cortado” here. I had no idea it wasn’t universal.


Kisses fingertips and tosses away* The entire resort was a treat to visit, but the food was a highlight. Y.U.M.


My first souvenir

The first night we had dinner at Secrets Silversands (which was also very good), and they were having vendor night. Usually a couple of nights a week the resorts will have outside vendors in to sell local goods. During a lull in dinner me and another travel agent went to check it out, and we both ended up getting a sugar skull. Cool!


Chocolates in the room

Every night. Loooove it.


Real quick let me go through some highlights from day two. The resorts we visited:

Barcelo Maya Palace

Oh, this resort was the highlight of the day! B-e-a-utiful. When you walk into the lobby you can see directly through to the ocean. This is a very well-maintained resort with detailed wedding planners who are very knowledgeable. They have so many great wedding locations! View more of the wedding locations. They really have no limits on what you can do for your wedding so customize like crazy and do-your-thang. They’re also Certified South Asian Wedding specialists so they know how to properly plan and execute Hindu, Sikh, Bangladesh weddings, et al. View more pictures of the resort here.


Valentin Imperial Maya

Definitely a favorite! We didn’t get to see this resort until after nightfall though so it was a little difficult to get a good look at it since it was, well, dark. It has a great feel to it though and the vegetation and grounds were beautiful – even in the dark! The rooms were impressive and the wedding set-up we saw on the beach was gorgeous. We even had to take a windy path to get to the wedding area which only added to the appeal


Grand Palladium White Sands

I was pleasantly surprised with this property! It’s still pretty big, but doesn’t necessarily have the big resort feel. They have a big, beautiful chapel that’s for Catholic weddings only and a beach gazebo right up near the break so it really is as close to the water as possible – makes for a great view. They have allergy-free menus and no reservations required at any of the restaurants. You can view more wedding pictures here.

IMG_2898-300x225 (1)

Day One

Wow, the first day flew by! We saw some amazing destination wedding set-ups, and it was so fun getting to see the resorts that we sell everyday.

Grand Velas Riviera Maya

This resort was the highlight of the day! It was like a commercial that you see on TV where everything looks pristine and perfect – but in real life. Unreal manicured lawns, bright floral colors against natural, woody decor; pristine pools and GORGEOUS beaches. This truly would be a dream destination venue. View more resort photos here, and more destination wedding photos here.


Secrets Silversands

We didn’t get to see this resort during the day, but the wedding set up was still beautiful at night with light breezes and streaks of color setting the scene. This was also a favorite resort with a fun, relaxing vibe and a more contemporary look.


Riu Palace Riviera Maya

I was very impressed with the wedding set up for this resort. Riu’s are moderately priced resorts and a budget-friendly option so I was pleasantly surprised to see such a great wedding venue.


Playacar Palace

This is a more intimate resort that’s very popular for destination weddings. It’s very common to have to book up to a year in advance to secure a date. It’s easy to see why though with their modern decor accented with silver and natural, the smaller resort feel and sense of calm. Although it was raining during our visit and we didn’t get an up close look, the wedding set up was still breathtaking. It’s adorned with crystals and great for the minimalist bride.


The Day Before

Fourteen resorts, five sundresses, four nights, three pairs of shoes, two nonstop flights, one Love to Travel agent. My name is Melissa, and Love to Travel’s owner, Kim Cook, set me loose! Follow me on here as I travel for my very first time to Cancun and Riviera Maya on a destination wedding familiarization (FAM) trip!


A travel agent who hasn’t been to Mexico!? Hey, there’s a first time for everything, and what better way to learn about the area then from somebody who’s never been there. I’m fresh. Keen to learn. All of the good things a first timer is. You’ll get to read about my new, exciting, and probably sometimes awkward experiences traveling to this amazing vacation destination on my first ever FAM trip.

Did I bring the right clothes? Guess I’ll find out. But I have a portable phone charger with me so I guess that’s a step in the right direction. Oh, and sunscreen. Sunscreen is always a good idea.

The itinerary for the day:

  • Riu Palace Riviera Maya
  • Playacar Palace
  • Grand Velas Riviera Maya
  • Iberostar Lindo
  • Secrets Silversands

I’ll catch back up with you guys tonight. And of course I’ll let you know if I dressed appropriately because I know you’re dying to know.

Hasta la vista!

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