Destination Weddings by Karisma

Day Two

El Dorado Royale and El Dorado Casitas Royale are right next door to each other and they’re both adults-only. Generations Riviera Maya is actually right next door to the Casitas but you already know that it’s a family resort. The set up actually makes it really great for weddings since everybody can stay in whichever resort they prefer, and the families with kiddos have a gorgeous resort right next to where everybody else is.

El Dorado Casitas are made for couples who are celebrating. They have bigger suites, higher ceilings and an outdoor “shower of love” (adorable). They also receive beach butler service and more in-room amenities. Royale is bigger and more active, and can accommodate friends traveling together with rooms that have double beds. The Royale does have exchange privileges between both for restaurants, however, only the couples staying at the Casitas can use the pool and other facilities at Royale (people staying at Royale cannot use the Casitas pools). Here’s my favorite from both:

El Dorado Royale

Love: The overall look of the resort. It’s exactly what I expected and looks very much like their marketing photos which is nice since that can sometimes be deceiving. Lots to do and lots to see, I was only there for a short time so I wish I got to see more!


Favorite wedding: This one was hard, but I did really like the garden gazebo. It’s in a very private area with plenty of space for a big group and it was very pretty.


El Dorado Casitas Royale

Love: The beach butler beds! They have so many lined up right in front of the beach, plenty for everybody who wanted to use them.


Favorite wedding: The beach wedding gazebo. It’s more private than a lot of beach weddings and the set up around the palm trees gives a really tropical and relaxing vibe.


These are two very popular resorts for good reason! If you’ve visited either one let us know in the comments below what your favorite part of each was. If you haven’t been make sure to fill out a Planner & Quote Request and we’d be happy to send you a quote for your available travel dates!


Day One

I’m thrilled to say that our first date was what I imagined and more! Karisma does not disappoint. Since this is a destination wedding trip I’ll show my favorite wedding setup at each and also my favorite part of the resort itself. Although I will say that choosing just one favorite for each is not easy:

Azul Fives

Love: The family-feel. Azul Resorts are for everybody. In other words, everything is open to everybody. There’s no adults-only pool or restaurants, even the karaoke bar at night is open to 7-year-olds singing a capela if they so choose. The rooms are very spacious and the huge balconies/terraces with big sliding glass doors are easily taken advantage of by the families here.


Favorite wedding: The beachfront gazebo. It’s new, it’s private, it’s unique, it’s beachfront. But after having the ceremony there I would have my reception at the sky wedding with its breathtaking views.


El Dorado Maroma

Love: The beach. Big, spacious, calm, relaxing and powder-white sand. The resort has more activities than I expected being small and intimate, and the Presidential Beachfront Villa is almost big enough to get lost in. Oh, and their building the Caribbean’s first overwater bungalows! What’s not to love?


Favorite wedding: The beach of course.


El Dorado Seaside Suites

Love: The breezy, romantic feel. It’s very lush and the breeze feels oh-so-amazing. Easy to understand how it’s named one of the most romantic resorts in the world by


Favorite wedding: The white gazebo. Brides can wear heels, it overlooks the water, the beach is on either side.


Generations Riviera Maya

Love: The luxury feel, especially within the restaurants. The restaurants are set in big tables for families. The whole concept of Generations is “all butler, all suites, all gourmet” and it really shows. The resort does have adults-only restaurant and bars, but the kid’s play areas are awesome so they would have way more fun doing their own thing anyway.


Favorite wedding: They sky wedding. It’s truly stunning and lives up to their concept of being a luxury resort. My pictures do not do it justice.


I’ll be posting full albums to Love to Travel’s Facebook page, and the wedding set-ups on Love Destination Wedding’s Facebook page as I can so make sure to like us on both pages if you don’t already.


It’s another year, and another trip to Mexico! I’m excited about this trip because at Love to Travel, we absolutely love the Karisma Resort properties! These include the amazing adults-only El Dorado Resorts, family-friendly Azul Resorts, and all-suite, all-butler (and family-friendly) Generations Resorts. Their destination weddings look stunning (check out all of their wedding options here) and I get to see it in person!

It will be such a treat to finally visit these resorts because I feel like it’s our first date. Like we’ve been talking online, and I feel like I have a really good idea of their character and values, but are they really as beautiful as their profile picture? I get to find out.

So here’s the plan, over the next four days I get to visit:







El Dorado Maroma

El-Dorado-Maroma-Beach-300x153 (1)






El Dorado Maroma







El Dorado Royale


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