Dominican Republic

Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe

Review by Terry 1/6/2015

Hi Kim,

Here are some of our thoughts:

Nice rooms.

Hot tub on the deck facing the Sea is awesome. You just may want to verify what room is being reserved and where the hot tub is. If you wanted to sit facing the Sea you could only do that if he hot tub was on the wall nearest to the Ocean. Fortunately we had two rooms so it was not a problem.

Beautiful beaches.

Good food but, recommend to your clients that they make dinner reservations as soon as they check in.

Nice shows on the main stage. Well worth attending at least a couple.

Many of the staff understand English and some are fluent which made it easy to communicate


If you want to do snorkeling find El Gringo in the little shops up the beach from the resort area. It’s a little bit of a walk but he is half the price and we enjoyed the crew (cash only)

If they are golfers they should play the course across the street. It’s a Pete Dye well maintained and managed. Take a lot of golf balls as there is a lot of water. Tip  buy some balls from the club house but, buy more from the maintenance guys on the course. I think my son paid about $.50 per ball. It may have been even less.

The deep sea fishing is fun but, you may want to see if El Gringo can charter one for you or get a private charter. We had a problem as there were three parties in our group.  One woman got violently ill and wanted to go back in. We were 10-13 miles out which is where the big fish are. We went back in which takes a long time so we were only able to go out 3 miles for the remainder of the trip where there are no big fish.

The air conditioner in our room did not work well. It took three calls to get maintenance to show up. They cleaned the filter but, it did not resolve the problem.

Tell your clients to bring a really good pair of walking shoes or get them into the lower number suites.

I think the 1000 level is closest to the main area where all the food and stores are.

It sure would be nice to know where we can go on a direct flight from KC. The trip back basically took all day.

All in all we had a good time.

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Breathless Punta Cana

Review by Michelle, 3/15/2016

Hello Kim, 

So sorry for my delayed response. We had an AMAZING time on our trip. Having not been to the Dominican I was very impressed with the beaches. They were beautiful. The staff and accommodations at Breathless were outstanding. We really enjoyed the themed parties each evening. We also enjoyed the afternoon party at the pool each day at 3:30 p.m. But not to worry for those who would like a little quiet time…there are some great spots on the beach to sink into a chair and read a good book. The food was good for being an all inclusive. The Japanese steak house restaurant was by far our favorite. 

We did take an excursion to go snorkeling on a Catamaran Tour through Hispaniola Aquatic Adventures. It included awesome snorkeling, great seafood meal and fun drinks. They picked us up at the resort and we had a 4 hour cruise…then returned us back to enjoy our evening at the resort. 

All in all…we had a GREAT trip. I would definitely recommend the resort and would go back in a heart beat! Thanks so much!! 


Review by Nicole, 2/26/2016

The trip was fabulous! There was plenty to do at the resort. We would spend the morning/early afternoon on the beach. Never had an issue getting six chairs for all of use. Drinks were never empty. Around 3:30 we would go to the main pool where they had games. Not a ton of dinner options. Wilson always had to order 2-3 dinners to get full. 🙂

The rooms were very nice. They had a huge Happy Birthday banner on my door and a balloons and a cake in the room upon our arrival. The beds were VERY comfortable! 

They were very pushy with sales and upgrades. When we checked in they said we had to come down for “meeting” the next day at 9 to get our departure information. We did not do this, but got the info the day before we left just fine. 

They have an Exhale Club upgrade which we did not do. From what we saw, we didn’t see a huge benefit from that upgrade, unless you wanted a private pool away from everyone else.

We went on one excursion. It was a boat cruise with Hispaniola aquatic Adventures. I have been on a lot of “booze cruises”, and this one was by far the best. Great snorkeling, great drinks, great music. Went to a private beach where we had coconut drinks. Then the grilled lobster, shrimp, mahi-mahi and veggies for dinner. $99 per person for 4 hours.

I would definitely go back to DR, but maybe in 5 years. There is just nothing there outside of your resort. Hoping there tourism will pick up and that will change. Great people and they love some Kansas City Royals!

Breathless Punta Cana Pool Breathless Punta Cana Sun Breathless Punta Cana Palm Tree Breathless Punta Cana View 2 Breathless Punta Cana Beautiful Beach! Breathless Punta Cana Beach Breathless Punta Cana View Friends on the Beach Breathless Punta Cana Nicole and Wilson on the Beach Breathless Punta Cana Wilson Underwater Snorkeling Fish Breathless Punta Cana

CHIC Punta Cana

Review by Michelle, 7/7/16

What were some of your favorite things about the destination and resort?

It was very active and there was an event each night. The group of entertainers were good at having events during the day too. 

The huts on the beach were my favorite part! They are so relaxing and they had waitress service. 

There wasn’t a long wait for dinner and multiple choices. There was only one restaurant that had a wait and it was a maximum of 10 minutes. 

It was nice how the resort wasn’t that spread out, so we could run back to the room from the pool, beach, or dinner without it being a big deal. 

Although they didn’t speak lots of English, they were very friendly and were able to communicate pretty well. 

One thing we didn’t receive was the “Honeymoon Package”. They said at check in that we would get it the following day, but we never received it. Those little things don’t bother us though. 

Overall, it was an amazing trip and you had it planned wonderfully! 

Did you go on any excursions and if so, would you recommend them?

We went on the “Sailing Adventure”. It was a catamaran ride with snorkeling and lunch. It was a nice water excursion. 

Chic Punta Cana Chic Punta Cana Paddle Boarding Chic Punta Cana Pool Cute couple alert! Chic Punta Cana Night life! Chic Punta Cana Tyler and Michelle at the foam party! Chic Punta Cana Tyler walking along beach Chic Punta Cana Foam Party! Chic Punta Cana Happy Couple at Chic Punta Cana! Michelle & Tyler Chic Punta Cana Michelle Chic Punta Cana Michelle on the Beach Chic Punta Cana New friends! Chic Punta Cana Newlyweds! Rings Chic Punta Cana Tyler Chic Punta Cana Great Beach View Tyler Chic Punta Cana Sushi


Excellence Punta Cana

Review by Mike & Teri

We had a fabulous trip to the Dominican Republic – Excellence Punta Cana.

This was our first time traveling abroad and you made everything easy and smooth – from communication to transportation to accommodations.

We went for our nephew’s wedding and enjoyed time with our extended family.

We did no excursions as our trip was relatively short and we wanted to enjoy the resort.

The staff was exceptional and there were plenty of activities to get involved in.

It was windy season so the water was too turbulent to get in, but the wind kept the temperatures perfect.

We recommend your services and this destination for others.


Mike and Teri

Excellence Punta Cana Dominican Republic Pool & Beach Wedding Couple Married Excellence Punta Cana Dominican Republic Pool & Beach Bride & Groom Enjoying Dominican Republic Excellenxe Punta Cana Excellence Punta Cana Dominican Republic Pool & Beach Excellence Punta Cana Dominican Republic Pool & Beach 2 Excellence Punta Cana Dominican Republic Pool & Beach Drinks Excellence Punta Cana Dominican Republic Pool & Beach Relaxing on Beach Excellence Punta Cana Dominican Republic Pool & Beach Wedding Couple Excellence Punta Cana Dominican Republic Wedding Party Teri & Mike Excellence Punta Cana Dominican Republic Pool & Beach Teri Mike & Nephew Excellence Punta Cana Dominican Republic Pool & Beach

Review by Jessica, 10/27/2015

Hi!! We had such a great time. The food was pretty good and everyone there was super nice. The only thing we didn’t like was how much they tried to sell on the resort. For example, at dinner they pushed buying drinks instead of just getting our free drinks. And while we were swimming people came up multiple times to try and sell excursions. We did the adventure day which was awesome but very exhausting. The areas that were shown for the adventure day looked more appealing in the pictures than in person, we were kind of disappointed with the waterfall they took us to. I would recommend it to couples but I wouldn’t recommend it as a vacation spot for a group of friends as there is only couples there. Everyone was really polite and we enjoyed it. I will say we both went to the beach at 5am to watch the sunrise and came back with a ton of bites from sand fleas and sand mites. I would advise everyone to put bug spray on at all times and not go to the beach when it’s dark 🙂

I will include some pictures of what my leg looked like when I got back because it’s pretty funny, along with pictures from our trip! Thank you so much you guys were awesome.

Excellence Punta Cana Palm Trees Sunset Excellence Punta Cana Amazing View of the Beach Excellence Punta Cana Dune Buggy! Picture right by the water, Excellence Punta Cana Jessica in the water Excellence Punta Cana

Review by Josh, 9/3/2014

Punta Cana was fabulous. The people were nice, the food was fantastic, it was clean, everybody was very helpful, and it was so relaxing. I couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon for Josh and I. We wish that we could have stayed longer. The weather was great. I’m so glad that we had someone at the airport to meet us, because it made everything easier for Josh and I. We grabbed our luggage and they guy that was suppose to meet us came right up to us and directed us straight through everything and got us on our way to the Majestic Elegance in no time at all. We went on a couple excursions, we went on swim with the dolphins, sharks, stingrays, and sea lions. It was a blast. We laughed and had a great time with each other. We also went on the ATV riding through the village and seen how they make cigars, coffee, and chocolate. This is a must see. You get to see their school and how people live (which was a HUGE shock). It was great. You also got to go into a cave, shop around, and go to the beach. It was fantastic. Josh and I appreciate Love to Travel in making our honeymoon stress free. In the future if we go anywhere we will definitely call you guys.
Thanks Again

Screen-Shot-2014-09-05-at-2.16.42-PM-150x150 Screen-Shot-2014-09-05-at-2.16.07-PM-e1409944671591-150x150 ruskpic1-150x150

Review by Jared, 8/1/2014

Thanks for the follow up. The honeymoon was quite amazing to say the least! The weather every day was just about perfect with highs around 85 and mostly sunny all day. It only rained one evening for a couple hours after dinner, but that didn’t really matter anyways. Everything at the resort including food, bars, entertainment was excellent. The only thing that went wrong on the trip is that we could stuck in an elevator for about 30 minutes when the elevator malfunctioned, but that happens. What I liked most about the resort was the seclusion from the other resorts, the great selection of bars and food and the overall beauty of the resort. You really couldn’t ask for much better selection than what they had. The only negative I could think about the resort was the fact that the water was pretty rough on the beach when we were there, but we knew that when booking it since it was on the Atlantic side so it didn’t matter too much to us.
As far as excursions, we ended up going on a “booze cruise” type excursion where we took a catamaran out, snorkeled first and then went to a private natural pool for games/drinking. After the games and drinking we then had a private dinner with the group on a private beach area. Overall, it was an excellent experience through Ocean Adventures. The only thing that would be better was if it was longer, haha. We also had a couples massage on the resort for 80 minutes that was amazing. Also, I wanted to mention that we were upgraded to a pool view room since it was our honeymoon, which was also very nice.

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Grand Bahia Principe Bavaro
Review by Mary, 8/1/2014

The resort was so huge that we had to take a tram to the beach every time. But lots of swimming pool options. The resort itself was beautiful; much prettier than Mexico. And lots of shopping that I loved. We got a little frustrated with the language barrier – most of them didn’t speak very good English at all. But overall, we had a great time.

Majestic Elegance Punta Cana

Review by Leonard, 8/17/2015

Hi Dave,


We enjoyed the trip to Punta Cana.  We couldn’t get over the weather.  For that time of year (August), I would ranked it 1st in comparison to Cancun or Jamaica.  Just a constant breeze during day and evening.  Being outside/shade was always comfortable.  Almost reminded me of San Diego weather but a bit warmer.


Majestic Elegance was overall a good resort and a clean/beautiful place.  The workers were very friendly and couldn’t get over the variety of entertainment options.  Great for adult kids (18 or over).  The outdoor dance square and casino were a lot of fun.  The dance club was also a good option for them later in the evening.  We were glad to get the advice of paying a bit more for the elegance club.  We like the small coffee shops/food areas away from the main buffet areas.  That was definitely unique and handy locations.  The foam party in the main pool was an interesting/fun event.  Food at restaurants was average or a bit below in comparison to the other resorts we’ve stayed at.


We did a 2 hour snorkeling excursion only.  Didn’t venture off the resort as we were there only 4 nights.  We saw a lot of fish. 


Thank you for arranging the trip and don’t believe anything else could have been done for the trip to go smoother.  Definitely a great place to vacation.  We have a few other islands to visit in the Caribbean but would go back to the Majestic in the DR and/or stay at an Iberostar.


Thanks again.


Review by Jeanette, 1/8/2015


Hi!  We had a fabulous time at Majestic Elegance!  The resort was beautiful!  We loved being on the Elegance Club side – the rooms were wonderful !  Our favorite restaurant was 9 Doors.  We sat at one of the tepanyaki tables and our chef was so entertaining and fun.  Two of my girls speak fairly fluent Spanish and after the chef was done cooking, they asked him how he learned to do the “tricks” with the spatulas and knives and he said he actually learned from watching YouTube videos!  The people who worked at the resort were so friendly, nice and helpful and just seemed to actually enjoy their job so much.  As soon as they figured out that the girls could speak Spanish, they were so excited and we received even more attention – which the girls loved.  The waiter at the 9 Doors restaurants name was Rudy and we saw him in other restaurants over the next few days and every time we saw him, he would speak to us and the girls and was so friendly. We did one excursion as a family and that was the Marinarium- Marine Park Aquarium.  This was a 4 hour trip, leaving at noon from the hotel and returning around 6.  We were taken by bus to a boat and then the boat took us out to the aquarium.  We snorkeled from  the boat over to the aquarium where there were nurse sharks and stingrays inside.  We swam with the sharks and stingrays and had our picture taken with the stingray.  After getting back on the boat, the staff served drinks and sandwiches.  They took us out to a sandbar about a 100-200 yards off the coast and everyone jumped out and they served drinks out there too!  It was so much fun!!  On the way back to the dock, the captain let Jordan and Ron drive the boat too!  I would highly recommend this excursion!  We booked it through the hotel – in the front of the lobby there was a row of people who  booked trips and since we were booked through Funjet, we were assigned to Tony.    We told him what we wanted to do and he recommended this trip.  Another note about this excursion, if you don’t want to snorkel, you don’t have to and they have an option of snorkeling for 30 minutes or 45 minutes.  I’m not a great swimmer but I did the 45 minutes and it was awesome. Lyndsey and Ryan, my daughter and her boyfriend, did a parasailing excursion and it was not a great experience.  They booked it through the hotel also, although it was not through Tony, it was through Louis.  Lyndsey and Ryan said they were picked up and taken to a small shop and there they were pressured to buy things.  Lyndsey finally told them she didn’t have any money with her so the people would stop following her around.  They were hurried into a small boat and had lifejackets thrown at them and told to hurry hurry.  Then when they actually got up in the parasail, they only let them be up about 5-7 minutes.  It was a windy day and they were actually supposed to go at 10 am but because of the wind they were told to check back at 10:45 and then at 2.  They finally said they could go at 2 so I don’t know if the sailing was short because of the wind or what.  They had pre-paid for their excursion – it was 50.00 per person.  They did talk to Tony the next morning to complain about the trip, Louis was not there; because it was actually scary.  They both told us they would not do it again, that the people were sketchy and the ride was scary.  Lyndsey has parasailed at the lake and in Cancun before and never been scared so I know it was scary. We had photos taken on the beach on Dec. 31st.  This was kind of a last minute arrangement.  I had been into the photo shop to look at pics the girls had taken with the parrots on the beach and saw all the great family photos on the walls.  I asked about pictures and they said there wasn’t a sitting fee or photographer fee, just pay for the pictures you wanted.  Well…. of course, I loved them all!  I was really amazed at the quality of the pictures.  The photographer’s name was Rafael and he was wonderful.  He did the pics at 5 and by 7 he had them edited so we could view them. All in all, this was a wonderful vacation.  We loved the beach, the swim up bars at the pools, the restaurants and the people.  We can’t thank you enough for making this happen.  I know we were so worried about the room situation and it worked out perfectly.  I had all of your emails that you had sent to Majestic Elegance and to us with me and when we walked up to the front desk and told them who we were, Magda was there and had a huge smile on her face – she knew who we were!  She took us to a guest relations room and they took care of our rooms right away without one word from us.  They had drinks and snacks for us while we waited and then our butler, Arcenio met us and took us to our rooms.  I appreciate all your hard work communicating back and forth with Majestic Elegance to make this all work out perfectly.  Time with my girls is priceless and this will be a trip none of us will forget. Thank you!!



Riu Palace Bavaro
Review by Larissa and Justin, 7/31/2014

Hi Kim!
The trip was awesome! We had a really great time.
We stayed in the VIP section of the hotel which we would definitely do again. This gave us access to a separate pool and pool bar that was never too busy and always had open chairs or cabanas. (Kid free zone)
The room was great except for the noise from the room above us. Next time we may opt for an upstairs room to avoid that but I’m not sure if you get the outdoor jacuzzi so a tough decision :).
The food and drinks were good, no complaints on the buffet or restaurants. The staff was excellent.
The beach was amazing with plenty of chairs for everyone.
We did go on the Sailing Adventure offsite. It was super fun. You may already know this but it’s a catamaran that takes you snorkeling and then takes you to the “natural pool”. The snorkeling was fun. The pool was very cool to see and play in. They provided drinks, a sandwich, and had a photographer which only charged $30 for the cd. The crew was great, however, they did make us all learn a dance which is ok but I would have rather relaxed and enjoyed the scenery. Once we returned to the beach they provided a late lunch at a restaurant which was probably the worst meal we had but not terrible. All in all it was a good deal and we were very happy we did it. Plus it’s only about a 20 minute trip whereas some of the other excursions were 45 minutes to an hour away.
We will most likely return to the DR someday and will probably stick with the RIU Bavaro although we did hear that the Carribean side water is calmer than our side on the Atlantic.
We hope to make some different trips in the future to other locations. I will say that we would be tempted to stick with RIU resorts based on this experience. They exceeded our expectations and based on the quality of food, alcohol, and staff you can see where the money is being spent. This is our first trip to an all-inclusive but we were very impressed.
Let me know if we can write a review for you or the hotel somewhere and we would be happy to do so. I can also share some photos. We will be back to use your services…hopefully sooner rather than later :)
Thank you for everything

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Royalton Punta Cana

Review by Mary, 3/27/2015

Good Morning,

I wanted to send you an email to tell you what a wonderful Spring Break trip we just recently enjoyed.

I was with the group that traveled to the Dominican Republic from Olathe East.

Our resort was beautiful, food was wonderful, beaches clean, and clean rooms.  Flights on time and friendly.  All transfers to and from the airport on time and helpful.

Thanks for all that you did to make it a fun stress free vacation.

Thanks again

Sanctuary Cap Cana

Review by Brian & Carrie, 9/23/2015

Hi Dave!

We really loved Punta Cana and the resort!  The resort was very unique and beautiful.  We thought the service was excellent, great variety of food and drinks as well.  The restaurants were very nice.  We would highly recommend it and would definitely go back!  Brian LOVED the golf!  We ended up at Teeth of the Dog and there were so many beautiful holes on the ocean.  We thought it was well worth the distance from the resort and the cost.  Brian was very appreciative of the surprise.  I can’t believe we actually pulled it off.  He didn’t realize we were going to Punta Cana until we arrived in Atlanta.  He thought we were going to Mexico because one of the kids teachers mentioned Mexico to him a day before we left.  I’m actually glad he mentioned that because it threw Brian off track!  Thanks again for all of your help.  It was truly an amazing trip!


Yes I would definitely recommend it.  It was not crowded at all while we were there but there was a group of 3 couples that we ran into regularly.  They seemed to be having an amazing time.  Two nights the entertainment was great.  The Dominican night had excellent dancing and music and they also had live music another night that was great.  There is a ‘disco’ club there that could be fun but we never went there.  The main pool is pretty lively and there is sand volleyball nearby that they try to do if there are enough people.  Brian played once and would’ve played more if there were players.  One staff member said the resort was only at 40% occupancy.  We went to the spa for massages one morning that that was fabulous.  You can hang out a the spa pool and hot tubs as long as you like.  It’s expensive…$145 for a 50 min massage but I guess that is probably normal for resorts.  They give you a $50 off coupon in your room which helps.  It was one of the best massages I’ve ever had, so well worth it for me!  Our room was nice.  It was on the bottom floor of the Castle with a big wooden deck balcony and a grassy area in front overlooking the ocean.  It’s very hot so you really can’t be out there until evening.  The rooms above us had their own little plunge pools and great views of the ocean.  I liked that area of the resort.  It had a bar on the top level and a nice pool that we hung out at.  It’s much more relaxing and not as lively.  We went back and forth between the two pools.  We even ordered room service and the brought it to the pool for us one day.  That pool in “the castle” has a great view of the ocean.  We walked the whole resort on our last day and all the rooms seem great.  There are even great little villas right on the ocean.  Most are under construction, but very cute.  We loved how all the rooms appeared different instead of giant high-rise buildings with bunches of rooms all lined up and the same.  each little building here was unique.  A very appealing feature we thought.  It has a beautiful Mediterranean feel to it.  we never left the resort other than for golf but many couples were doing excursions and having a great time.  One couple did swim with dolphins and love it. The group I mentioned earlier even took a shuttle over to a sister Alsol resort to eat for dinner.  we didn’t know you could do that but we were already booked with eating at the restaurants offered on the property which were great.  They truly did seem like stand alone restaurants and very quaint and nice.  Unlike some all inclusives that all the restaurants share the same kitchen, food tastes the same and they just change up the decor each night.  This was not that way.  Maybe they do all share the same kitchen but they do an excellent job of masking that if they do. Anyway, hope this is helpful.  Brian has most of the pictures we took on his phone so I’ll see if he can send some to you!   

Sanctuary Cap Cana amazing pool and palm trees Sanctuary Cap Cana buffet Sanctuary Cap Cana pool Sanctuary Cap Cana view of the pool and palm trees Golf flag Sanctuary Cap Cana Campo de Golf Brian Golf Sanctuary Cap Cana Amazing View from the golf course Sanctuary Cap Cana Another view from the golf course Sanctuary Cap Cana Golf Course Sanctuary Cap Cana Golf green Sanctuary Cap Cana View of the ocean from the golf course Sanctuary Cap Cana Brian & Carrie Sanctuary Cap Cana

Secrets Royal Beach 

Review by Kevin, 6/5/2015


We had an absolutely amazing time and I would 100% recommend the Secrets resort in Punta Cana to anyone. The service was great and so was the food. We found that a lot of the other resorts did not have that great of dining accommodation and food for that matter on our excursion. We did a dune buggy tour to beach on the Caribbean side, saw a coca/cigar plantation and then went and saw a fresh water cave. Overall, we had an outstanding experience and everything worked out perfectly. Thank you so much for all of your help. Have a great weekend.