Beaches Ocho Rios

Review by Ron 12/29/2015

All went very well.  Your recommendation for Club Mo Bay was excellent.  We bypassed the 3 hour long immigration/customs lines.  Well worth the $80.

Beaches was great.  Food good, rooms nice.  I liked that resort was not huge.  Wedding went off perfect.  Had ceremony by fountain by tennis courts, and reception on Piano Bar patio.   Beach was not private, and piers not that nice.    Piano bar was perfect place for small reception as it was very private.   Would highly recommend both those venues depending on size of wedding group. Naomi slipped and broke her arm Sunday evening.  However, Beaches handled it very well for us.   We went to the emergency room on Sunday evening.  The Beaches youth program manager went with us.  The next day, we went back for x-ray and cast and Beaches Safety Manager went with us.   Only issue was that taxi ride cost me $80 x 3 trips.   Thought Beaches might take care of that. Doctor wanted us to come back the following day to get all paperwork.  As this was my wedding day, Beaches nurse took care of this and told me not to worry about it. 3 of us went on the Catamaran cruise with snorkeling and Dunn’s River Falls.   Was great, and I highly recommend it over just a bus trip to Dunn’s. Other than broken arm, downside of Beaches is the number of younger kids.  Restaurants were not quiet.  Although our kids are 19 and 22, I still think it was the best choice for them.  I felt very secure about my 19 year old daughter being out “partying” with the few other young adults that were there. In summary, it was a great trip.  Thank you for your coordination and advice.  We will definitely utilize your services in the future and refer you to our friends.

Beaches-Ocho-Rios-Wedding-Couple-150x150 Beaches-Ocho-Rios-Wedding-Party-150x150 Beaches-Ocho-Rios-Wedding-Toast-150x150

Couples Negril

Review by Andy, 11/3/2016

Kim – 

The trip was amazing. This was a 5 outta 5 star experience. My new wife made me promise I’d take her back before we left on our last day.

We didn’t go on any ‘planned’ excursions because there was so much to do at the resort. We scuba dove, snorkeled, played sand volley ball, went on a catamaran cruise,  swam in  caves, laid in the ocean, laid in hammocks, smoked cigars, went shopping, golfed and ate like kings. And all of it was included with the resort!!! We did take a taxi to Rick’s café and jumped off cliffs there too.

 I was really surprised with the all the returning guests at Couples Negril. Almost everyone was there for their second or third time. We even met an older couple that was there for their 9th time and they said they don’t go anywhere else.

 The idea of couples only was also really nice because everyone was in a very friendly, romantic, ‘coupled up’ type of attitude. 

Thank you guys for putting this together for us. We’ll be in contact when we’re ready to go back. 

I’ve attached some photos of our trip! 

Thanks again,


andy-shannon-couples-negril-2 crystal-clear-water-couples-negril sunset-over-water-couples-negril couples-negril-view-of-water-from-catamaran-boat cliff-jumping-ricks-cafe-andy-shannon-couples-negril amazing-beachwater-couples-negril andy-shannon-couples-negril couples-negril-view-of-the-beach-from-hammock

Couples Swept Away

Review by Beverly & Alan, 12/2/2015

Hello. It was all wonderful and just like we expected…we didn’t want to leave! It was a truly gorgeous resort and beach. The watersports were wonderful and the water colors were amazing. We were always torn between lounging on the beach and being in the water. A couple of the ladies who worked doing guest activities I guess it would have been were so much fun to be around. One was named Roselyn(not sure how to spell but everyone called her Rose) she did the “Newlywed Dating Game” that we went to and Chandice I think was other one she was on our glass bottom boat tour with us but we kept running into them both and interacting with them. It really added to our visit.

Thank you for helping us find the perfect place for us to go on our honeymoon!

Beverly and Alan

Review by Brett & Chantel, 11/11/2015

Hi Dave –

We LOVED Jamaica & thought CSA was truly an incredible experience!!  The atrium room was a wonderful choice for us.  We felt like we had a private villa just steps from the beach & we thoroughly enjoyed the lanai every day we were there. We loved relaxing in the hammock, having coffee delivered to the room every morning & having a nice, slow start to the day.  It was a very romantic resort too.  The beach bonfire & live music was very nice & we also had a lot of fun at the beach buffet party.  It was a fun way to meet other couples!!

The beach & the turquoise water was truly beautiful!  We did several of the activities at CSA including snorkeling, catamaran sunset cruise (our favorite) & the hobie cats.  We did not do any excursions off the property.  The food was amazing too – our favorite was Lemon Grass but we enjoyed all the restaurants.  

I would be happy to share some pictures I just need to get them transferred to my laptop – they are all on my phone.  I will try to do that tomorrow & forward some of my favorites.  

We both think the Club Mobay was totally worth the money because we moved through the lines coming & going very quickly and the VIP lounge was really nice, especially on the return trip when we had a long layover in Miami.  We would recommend it to anyone.  

Thank you for all your help – it was truly our best vacation!!

Review by Lauren, 8/17/2015

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you!  The beginning of a new school year is always kind of crazy. 

The resort and Jamaica were both beautiful.  We had such a great time!  We took out a kayak, hobikat, snorkeled and went on the catamaran cruise.  We enjoyed all of it.  The catamaran cruise was definitely our favorite.  I do think the club mobay was worth it for the way there into Jamaica, but we probably could have done without it coming home. 

We are SO happy we went through you guys for our trip.  Thank you very much for helping us plan such a fun and relaxing honeymoon!


Couples Tower Isle

Review by Katie, 10/5/2015

Hi Dave,


Our trip was wonderful! The weather was very nice….some rain started in on our last day from Hurricane Joaquin, but it didn’t affect us since we were leaving thankfully.

 As Ethan said – Blue Hole was on the only excursion we did, but it was my favorite part of the whole vacation! The water is so fresh and cold. We had a great tour guide – Ann Marie. It was fun to jump into the water from all the cliffs, rocks, and waterfalls.

 We did not purchase Club Mobay, and we had absolutely no issues with our arrival or departure without it. Upon our arrival we went straight from the plane to the kiosks in customs….and then we were done just like that! I bet it took us ten minutes total from leaving the plane to get to the Couples lounge. It was easy and so quick. Departing was the same way.

 It was our first time using Southwest to fly, and we both agree that it is the best airline we’ve ever used. I wish I could use Southwest for every flight!! I paid for early-bird for my ticket and was able to get good seats on all our flights. Definitely worth the money for that.

 The restaurants at the resort were all very good. Bayside was our favorite, with Verandah as a close second. We also went scuba diving when we were there. Ethan got his advanced certification (I already have mine), and the process to get that certification was very smooth and simple for him.

 Here are a few pics:

Katie Jamaica Sunset Couples Towel Isles Jamaica Excursion! Blue Hole Cheers to Katie & Ethan Couples Tower Isle Katie & Ethan Jamaica Couples Tower Isle

Grand Palladium
Review by Carey and Janet, 8/1/2014

We had a great time!!! Everything went very smoothly – the Lomas Travel agents were great in getting us to our hotel and then helping us book 2 excursions.
We did the Tulum – Xel-ha package. With the girls, it wasn’t enough time to spend at Tulum. We wished we would have done both on separate days. At Tulum, the tour guide talked for an hour and then we had an hour to explore, shop and get back to the bus. By the time we even walked to the ocean side and looked around (without getting in the water), we started heading back to the bus, waiting in line for the trolley, we missed shopping (which the girls were very upset).

Xel-ha seemed the same way. The girls were starving by the time we got there – and so was everyone else – so it took us almost two hours by the time we arrived before we got in the water.
The second excursion was swimming with the dolphins at The Discovery Center in the next door resort. Easy transport there, wonderful experience with the dolphins, girls really enjoyed this (and so did we)!
We learned a few things and would do differently if we do travel again, but a great experience. Thanks so much for booking it. We will keep you in mind for future travel!

Jewel Runaway Bay

Review by Mary, 7/13/16

Hi Dave,

First of all I want to say that we really appreciate the help we received from you and your staff.  We will definitely use your services again and will recommend you to others.

We had a great time in Jamaica!  Of course it was very hot this time of year but there was a moderate breeze/wind every day that really helped to cool you off some.  We had no rain.  The only excursion we did was to Mysitic Mountain in Ocho Rios for the bobsled and zip lining.  We highly recommend this.  The bobsled ride was very short but the zip lining was amazing.  Our guides on the zip line tour made the experience even better.  My kids wanted to go parasailing but we found out it has been banned on that side of the island due to the number of accidents.  Once I heard that – I was happy to go ziplining and skip the parasailing.

We really enjoyed the resort.  The beach is exactly what we were looking for.  We never had any trouble getting a chair by the beach or the pool.  There was plenty of shade spots on the beach as well.  My husband went Hobie sailing everyday which he absolutely loved.  I am a tennis player and was pleasantly surprised that the courts there are really good.  We thought the food was very good.  I think we tried every restaurant except one.  We could have used one more day there since we didn’t get to spend as much time at the water park as we would have liked.  Next time we will add a day for sure.

My only complaint with the resort is there welcome/check-in process.  When we went to Grand Cayman last year they welcomed us with smiles and drinks the minute we walked in the entrance.  At Jewel we walked in and went to the check-in line with our luggage.  Someone came and told us we were not allowed to bring the luggage in and we needed to go back to the entrance.  Once there, there was no one to direct us and it seemed a bit disorganized.  When we checked in we found out our rooms were not together and both rooms had just one king bed.  We asked if there was any way if we could get side by side rooms and one room with 2 double beds- it seemed the agent we 

were working with might have found something but the other agent said it wasn’t possible.  I went back later and spoke with a different agent – he told me he would take care of it the next day.  So we were able to switch rooms the following day.  Once we were settled – we found the staff to be friendly and helpful – it would just be nice if they tried to make a better first impression.

We enjoyed the plunge pool rooms.  They cleaned them every morning and we spent quite a bit of time relaxing in or around the pool.  

Overall, we would definitely recommend the resort.  It was a great getaway!

Thanks again,


Review by Sally, 3/17/2016


Jewel Runaway Bay was great! Here are my thoughts and comments:

We went Jan 2-7. Some of the workers reported 60% capacity while we were there vs.100% the week before. It was not crowded at all which was great. Mostly young families, but that probably made sense since older kids would be going back to school. We also heard that this is the only one of the three Jewel properties in Jamaica that is not adults-only, thus the young children. It’s a small resort, but we found no negatives to that. It was a quick walk back to the room and restaurants.


Nothing fancy, but clean. It is important to know that three people means three people. We had two rooms thinking our four daughters could stay in one and we in the other. But when we arrived, each room was set up with a king bed and a twin added (not a rollaway, it was better than that). Fortunately, the bellhop was very willing to arrange the move of the twin out of our room and into theirs. Their room was wall-to-wall beds, but they made it work. I guess I was expecting two double beds in each room. I did see rooms with that arrangement, but I think they were reserved for two adults/two small children.


I was confused when we first arrived as there were no umbrellas or sun canopies on the beach. It was a pleasant surprise to find that they were unnecessary, because there was plenty of shade beneath trees if desired. The beach was beautiful. Perhaps because of the small occupancy, we never had to reserve or fight for chairs. No check in system for towels, you just take them as you need them. We snorkeled right there at the resort, as well as took a ride in two Hobie cats side by side. No charge for any of that.

Golf & Tennis

We didn’t end up playing golf, so no comments on that. Tennis courts were nice and not crowded.


The buffet was fine, but the restaurants were great! We didn’t have a bad meal. We ate all our dinners at the restaurants and only had to wait one time. The Platinum restaurant served unusual offerings in creative ways; snapper on top of a container with a live fish swimming. Pork in a mini model of a smoker, tater tots with a Mr. Potato Head. Other restaurants:  pizza, sushi, Japanese steak house, burgers, Italian… all great!


Evening entertainment was okay. Kettle drum performance was outstanding. The water park is next door, so it was not a nuisance at all and was a lot of fun even for adults. There were a lot of daytime activities around the pool and beach, but it almost became annoying as the staff begged over the microphone for participants.


So welcoming, so nice! We never had a single issue. Everyone was helpful and accommodating. They wanted to interact, share their culture, and their love of their home. Someone was always willing to jump into a soccer game with our girls, or just sit and try to teach us Patois.


We only went off resort one day. We hired Richard Brooks with Excursion Ocho Rios to drive us for a day of culture, history, scenery, and adventure. It was $50 per hour and we hired him for six hours. He pointed out the typical highlights, but also took us to see some locals we would never have found on our own. He showed us churches, statues, schools, houses, monuments, plants, and so much along the way. We played in the falls at the Blue Hole, ate jerk at Scotchie’s, shopped for coffee and souvenirs, and saw how coffee grows. Richard was informative and funny. We still listen to the reggae songs he played for us. Highly recommend this type of excursion and Richard specifically.

This was my fourth all-inclusive stay and my favorite.


Blue Hole Falls! JewelRunawayBayBeach

Iberostar Rose Hall Suites

Review by Michelle, 2/22/2016

We loved Jamaica and the resort!  We would definitely go back.  We’ve been to Mexico many times – and love it too- but we thought people were a little friendlier in Jamaica and we felt a little safer.  Possibly because there isn’t a language barrier.  Resort was beautiful and they did a fantastic job making New Years Eve special.  We did go to Dunns Falls and loved it!  It was one of our best days.  Thanks for all your help!

Sandals Ochi (Formerly Sandals Grande Riviera)

Review by Angie & Willie, 11/10/2015

Hi Dave,

We had an amazing trip!!! We were able to really enjoy the resort this time since the weather was perfect!!! We did a lot of relaxing at the beach club area and partying at the pool bar! Mark and George (Kevin) Lopez were way too much fun!! I was introduced to some very yummy drinks such as the Bob Marley, Hummingbird, Uncle Sam, and Dirty Banana!  Snorkeling was awesome of course!! Our butlers were absolutely fantastic!! I miss them!!! They took exceptional care of us!!

You were absolutely right about the VIP through immigration, it was the best thing EVER!! We probably wouldn’t fly out of Ft Lauderdale again, it was a nightmare. Way too busy and we spent an hour driving around a parking garage and never found a spot so we had to do valet.

Biggest downfalls were the Ocean Bar and the restaurant being right under our room. The first morning at 4 am they were dragging furniture around. We heard them everyday about 6 am. The Ocean Bar is definitely for the younger crowd and started the party every night at 10 so there wasn’t ever really any quiet time to just listen to the water. They play music very, very loud so it kind of takes away from the Sundowner.  

We went to the pool party Friday night which was a lot of fun, but we paid for it. Lol! We went and watched the Steel Drum band Saturday and they were phenomenal!! We watched them 10 years ago, but way better this time!!

Kelly’s on the pier was closed due to construction so they moved it to the hotel area. Best food we had was there. We also loved the Italian restaurant. Kimonos was good, but nothing special as we have a place here we love!! However, our chef Tex was awesome! We ate at Mariners for lunch a couple times too. Their jerk chicken wrap and jerk burger was delicious! Our butlers spoiled us one day by finding us at the pool bar and brought us different meats from the jerk shack which was delicious also.

There is so much to do at the resort all day and night it can get too busy. We actually skipped a few things that our butlers had scheduled so we could check things out and relax. Of course with the Royals in the World Series we had to catch the games.

I definitely can’t say enough about our butlers though!! They were the highlight and felt like family when we left. Their names are Jackie and Stanford. I already have them on FB and hope to keep in touch. As a matter of fact Jackie’s son may be coming to KS to play tennis for Baker. 🙂

We can’t thank you guys enough! Our trip went off without a hitch this time!!! We are already talking about next year, but are looking for something much calmer. 

So jealous you’re going to Jamaica! We would live there if we could!! The people their are so happy and some of the hardest working people I’ve ever seen!  I only have a couple pics of us together as my Husband hates pictures, but I will send you a couple on Facebook. Feel free to use any of the photos I took. There’s quite a few. I still need to get pics off the actual camera!

Thank you for following up! We look forward to our next trip!!!

Angie and Willie

Review by Lizzy and Drew, 8/6/2014


We had an amazing time on our honeymoon! Everything was awesome and we absolutely loved it there and hope to return someday! We went on the Dunn’s River excursion which was so much fun! The papers you gave us ahead of time explaining who to tip and when etc. was extremely helpful. We were the only people prepared to tip when the people moving our luggage from the airport to the shuttle said “it’s custom to take care of the man who takes care of your luggage”. Everyone else was shuffling in their pockets and wallets scrambling for a tip while we had it ready to give him! We definitely felt prepared having booked our trip with you and will definitely be back in the future to book our next trip!

Thanks again!

mikkelson3-150x150 mikkelson2-150x150 mikkelson1-150x150


Sandals Negril

Review by Alicia, 10/2/2015

We loved our trip! Our favorite part about the resort was they recognized you everywhere you went and constantly tried to include you in events. We played a game of beach volleyball every morning because of the staff and we wouldn’t have had they not got us involved. The shows and “parties” they had every night were fun too!

We went to Ricks Cafe and did the cliff jumping and watched the sunset, we would recommend this to people!

The airport transfers were great, we loved Club Mobay!!

Overall, great experience for people couples who want a more relaxed resort. 

Ricks Cafe Sunset Sandals Negril Sunset

Sandals Royal Plantation

Review by Kaleigh, 5/29/2015

Hi Betsy!

We LOVED Royal Plantation. It was the best vacation either of us have ever had. Great service, beautiful accommodations, delicious food! We hiked Dunn’s River Falls one day and thought it was amazing. I would recommend our ENTIRE trip to anyone. Thank you all so much for you help! 


Sandals Whitehouse

Review by Paul & Lori, 6/20/2016

The trip was wonderful and the resort was absolutely beautiful.  The food was top notch and the staff were incredible.  It felt very private due to how spread out the units were.  Just what we wanted!

 It was a bit windy causing the beach water to be cloudy. I would have preferred better beach water.

We moved rooms as they had us 2 rooms from a room under construction.  It was ok as they upgraded us to a suite. Also gave us and my brother free couple massages valued at $270 per couple.

We did go to YS Falls and thought it was a great value and enjoyed the zip lines and waterfalls.

I know Sandals is more expensive….but we absolutely loved it and encourage anyone to go.

Attached was my favorite pic that does not include us in the photo.  Taken at main pool at dusk.

Sandals Whitehouse Amazing Photo at Night

Review by Carmajean, 4/12/2016



The trip was great.  It was good to get away and enjoy the warm temperatures and sunshine and of course the time with GREAT friends!

Sandals Whitehouse is a beautiful property. Troy and I enjoyed walking the long stretch of beach each morning after breakfast and sometimes we walked the back side of the property too during the day. They were experiencing unusually high winds the week we were there so the ocean was very stirred up and white capping even inside the wave break most every day.  With this being said, there was a tremendous about of seaweed close to shore and did not make it appealing to spend time in the ocean, but we got along just fine hanging out at the pool.  The winds were so strong several days that they had to put all pool umbrellas down and we were getting great sand baths when by the bar….but again this did not stop us from having a great time!  Just a weather glitch….the bartenders said it was definitely not normal wind conditions.  The winds would wait until about 10 am to start and would calm down at sunset so we did not have them all the time. Troy was concerned about being in a walk out room, but he actually really enjoyed his patio walkout and getting to visit with people on the sidewalk.  We would consider this type of room again in the future.  We like this end of the island better than the other end we had been to previously as far as the drive, etc.  Troy felt like it more suburbs getting to Whitehouse than our drive when we went to Dunes.  Kenroy was absolutely awesome!! This was such a great surprise for us from Dave and Cece! Thanks for helping set it up for all of us.  Club Mobay was great too! Would definitely do that again when going to Jamaica. Travel was good going and was not so good coming home as far as airport and airlines.  This had nothing to do with Love to Travel….just one of those unfortunate things. We did not do any excursions as most would have been long car rides or on water which was really rough so no news to report on that. We have several other places on our bucket list to try, but Whitehouse is a great property and would have been even better for us if we could have gotten in the ocean more. Have a great trip and tell Kenroy hello from us if you see him.  He actually put our picture with him as his background on facebook and we saw it when we left….that was cool!  He is a great guy.  Troy felt safe with him and trusted his driving for sure.


Review by Felicia, 12/1/2015

Thanks for asking, we had a wonderful time.  Sandals hospitality was amazing, and the staff was wonderful.

We did not do any excursions.

Airport transfers went very smoothly.  The reception lounge was a Very nice touch.

Your service was great.  All questions were answered in your information.  

Our favorite activity was sailing the Hobie cats around the bay. 

This was our first all inclusive resort.  It was a fun family time, and we enjoyed it very much.  The wedding was beautiful!



Review by  Sarah & Geoff, 11/22/2015

Hi Dave,

We apologize for not reaching out and thanking you sooner. Apparently we are still on Island time. 🙂 

Thank you so very much for all you and everyone at Love to Travel did to assist us in planning our Honeymoon. Although a bit cliche, it was perfect! We are so appreciative of your suggestions. All of them were things we probably wouldn’t have done without your help and we are so glad we did. 

The Club MoBay experience was wonderful. I was starting to feel confused at the airport once we arrived and instantly someone walked up and helped us through the whole process of going through customs and immigrations. They made it so easy and quick. On the way home, it was especially wonderful as we had time to experience the food and drinks. It was relaxing and just what we needed before flying back home! (We also appreciated the 4 hour layover in Miami. Customs and Immigration was a bit crazy that day – or maybe it always is?)

The Butler service was fantastic. We were so happy with the two men who were our butlers. They were very friendly and always surprising us with something! And the resort and beach were amazing. We definitely felt like we were in paradise. We were able to do several activities (paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling), an excursion (Lover’s Rock Cruise) and get a massage (which was heaven). All of the the activities and excursions we took part in were so much fun! We would definitely recommend the resort, butler service and excursion to anyone. And the people who worked at the resort were all so nice. The whole trip was more than we could have ever asked for and we know most of that is because of you and others at Love to Travel. We cannot thank you enough for all you did in helping organize our trip. I (Sarah) came back feeling more relaxed than I have in a very long time!

We cannot think of anything you could have done to make it better and we will definitely contact you when we can take another vacation. We look forward to escaping to another place as soon as we can. 🙂 

Thank you again for all you did! We plan to pass along your information to any of our friends and family looking for a travel agent. We attached two photos of us taken along the beach. 

Sarah and Geoff

Beach Sandals Whitehouse Sandals Whitehous

Review by Jessica 11/1/2014

Hi Kim, sorry for the delayed response. We did do a couple excursions. We did the ys falls and Appleton rum combo tour. We loved the falls but weren’t big on the rum tour. Maybe if we were rum drinkers we would have been! We also did the catamaran tour and it was awesome! We would definitely recommend this and would have even like to have gone a second time if we would have had time. We did the couples massage and it was absolutely amazing! We also did the personalized candlelight dinner on the beach for my husbands birthday and it was simply fantastic. All the staff were absolutely amazing and we look forward to going back one day! We are actually wanting to look at another trip for next year! We really want an all inclusive resort and love sandals but would also be open to other resorts if you strongly recommend one. We would also be looking to go during the off peak time later in the year to save some money if that helps. We would like to go for a week again!

Thanks so much for your help on our first trip! You were amazing!