St. Lucia

Ladera Resort

Review by Ryan, 7/14/16

The Ladera Resort was awesome.  It is definitely a must see if you ask me.  It is very similar to Jade Mountain, but not as expensive.  We actually got to know the owner, Holly Smith, and she made sure that any and all needs were taken care of.  They did upgrade our room which was beautiful. Huge private pool (at least huge for having one in your own room and then 3 bedrooms on the upstairs.  Everything is open air which makes it very unique.  At night the resort is surround by jungle so the tree frogs and whatever else is out there love to make all sorts of noise, but to us it was like a noise machine and we just slept through the night.  The beds are surrounded with mosquito nets and you have citronella candles to burn as well.  With the setup of the rooms, you will see some flying bugs, but I had read those reviews and it wasn’t anything that would creep you out.  The gnats would show up if you had red wine open, but nothing the citronella spray they gave us wouldn’t take care of. Food at the restaurant was very good and the hospitality was top notch.  The resort is smaller so they do a very good job of knowing you by your name.  Drinks can be a little pricey (2 Rum Runners was $36) but that is to be expected so while not OP prices over at the Blue Moose, we were fine with it.

 Absolutely loved St. Lucia.  We did our best to maximize our time there.  We did do the Piton hike and then couples massage.  The hike is worth it, but I would tell people if you are completely out of shape it will be a very difficult struggle for them.  The last 20% of the hike is a definite workout, but was worth it when we got to the top.  It’s basically a trail through the jungle up the mountain, but has a fairly decent pitch to it which gets the legs burning and the lungs on overtime!  We did the mud baths which was unique as well.  What we did learn is to not book either the hike or bath through the resort as it is considerably cheaper to book directly with a guide or at the location itself.  We did do the zip line which was cool, but I would say if people have zip lined before not sure if they would be that wowed by it or not.  I have never done it before so I can’t compare it to anything.  I thought it was fun and lasted about 45 minutes.  We spent time down on Sugar Beach and got to know Randolph and Johnny.  They are a father/son duo that do boat excursions.  We had Johnny take us one night up to the Rainforest Hideaway restaurant in Marigot Bay which was somewhat expensive, but the food was very, very good.  It was awesome to see the island at night as well.  It was about a 30-40 min boat ride compared to a 60-90 taxi ride.  We paid $100/couple and he then took us out and about after dinner.  We also spent a day going up to Castries with Johnny to check out the market, had lunch in Soufriere Bay at Doolittle’s and then we snorkeling at over on towards the larger Piton….the one that is more south on the island.  The snorkeling was ok as they lost a lot of coral to a hurricane, but we still had fun!

 I would say favorite things would be the resort, the beauty of the island and the excursions we did.  Honestly, not sure I would have done anything different.  I felt like we maximized our time there with a good mix of just down time on the beach.  One thing we did do is bring some liquor and wine with us in our luggage for the beach and rooms which helped with some of the cost.  We didn’t have a bad meal at any of the restaurants we went to.  Some of the other restaurants we went to were Orlando’s, Boucan (across the street from Ladera) and Bayside Restaurant at Sugar Beach.

 I am probably forgetting something and will pass along if anything comes to mind.  Let me work on some pics as well for you! 

Ladera St Lucia WOW view of St Lucia Ladera St Lucia View 2 Ladera St Lucia View Ryan St Lucia

Sandals Grande St. Lucian

Review by Jessica, 11/25/2015

Hi Betsy, it was great thank you! We did a tour locally from Charlies Tours and it was awesome. We did the mud bath, snorkeled, the fountain of youth and had lunch at a local restaurant near hotel chocolat which was nice. We also hiked pigeon island which was refreshing and did the Piton Sunset Cruise. The views were fantastic and we really liked the atlantic view from our room. Overall we enjoyed Sandals Whitehouse more than Grande but Grande was still great! We ate at the french restaurant at La Toc one night and the food was delicious. Overall though, we felt the food at Grande wasn’t as good as Whitehouse although I don’t know if anything will compare to our honeymoon! 

Thanks so much for your help!

Review by Jim & Courtney, 10/20/2015


Sorry for the late response, but St. Lucia and the Sandals Grande St. Lucian was amazing! Apart from a few sunburns (and a few too many rum punches during the JJ’s speed boat tour), the trip was everything we could have hoped for. 

Our flights to and from went swimmingly, and we’ve never been on flights long enough to warrant TVs in the seats, which was great. We both recommend Jurassic World, Pitch Perfect 2, and Horrible Bosses 2. 

One of the very best parts of the trip was the helicopter ride. Beating the traffic was an unexpected plus, and seeing the island, rainforests, banana plantations were breathtaking. We’d definitely recommend that to anyone who is considering St. Lucia. The private car back is also recommended. 

The weather was great all week, only running into rain during the day maybe once, with sun and 90 degree temperatures all week. We frequented the pools (mostly the lovers’ pool, since we enjoyed the covered cabanas and quieter area) each day, and went to the beach a few times. It was the most beautiful and clear water we’ve ever seen.

The room was clean and was usually turned down at least once a day, sometimes twice. Even though we had a lesser-priced room, it never felt like a value room. Bed was comfortable, shower was relaxing, TV signal was great, and thankfully the diet coke was always stocked. 

One of the wedding gifts we received was the Scents of Love couples massage, which was very relaxing. The scent part of it was odd, as they have you light a candle and say something romantic, while having two masseuses watching you the whole time. But the massage after was great. 

We did two excursions: The zip-lining and JJ’s speedboat tour. Zip-lining through the rainforest was so much fun! We both made it through without too many slow spots or needing to pull ourselves to the end of the line. The guide, George, was interactive and funny, which helped with the long drive to the tree-top adventure park. Plus, we got to see the rainforest up close, which was amazing to see.

JJ’s was definitely worth the half-day trip, though it did end up costing us a day and a half (due to the rum punches I mentioned before). It felt like four excursions in one with the speedboat tour of the island, the volcano and mud baths, and the snorkeling and after-party. The crews are fun, and the fellow passengers were very social, and the rum tasted very good. 

The one thing we’d recommend would be to schedule the excursions early and to enjoy the pools and beaches the days after. We did the beaches and pools for two days, two days of excursions, then a day of recovery before coming back, and we were spent after the excursions. If we could do it again, we’d do two days of excursions, massage the next day, then just enjoy the resort the rest of the time.

Food was good, Bayside was the best (for breakfast and dinner). We also enjoyed Barefoot by the sea, which had a tremendous fish sandwich for lunch, and great seafood for dinner. Everything else was good, but nothing that stood out. And like you told us when we considered the Dominican, we didn’t get sick due to food! So thanks for that!

Overall, we had a wonderful honeymoon and definitely would consider a Sandals resort in the future!

Thank you for all your help, Love to Travel has made this a much easier experience on both of us. (And as soon as we upload the pictures, we’ll be sure to send some your way)

Jim and Courtney

Review by Carmajean, 10/21/2014


Thanks so much for the follow up.  I actually have you on my list to email this week.

First, I want to thank you for doing such a great job of booking and planning this trip for us.  The seats in first class on the way home from Atlanta to KC was an awesome and pleasant surprise.  It was a perfect end to a great trip!

St. Lucia at the Grande is very beautiful.  We were well taken care of while we were there. Troy and I really enjoyed the trip, location, company, etc.  We would definitely go back to this location in the future. All of the people there were very friendly (Sandals, locals, shuttle driver, etc.).  We felt comfortable and safe our whole trip.

We did do the 6 hr south island buggies tour and we all enjoyed that day a lot too.  Our guides were great and a lot of fun.  We were comfortable being off of the Sandals property and loved  the scenery, getting to go to the mud bath, and water fall along with lunch 900+ feet up looking at the Piton Mountains.

Sandals took very good care of Troy and I in regards to it being our anniversary.  We were pampered with special room decorations, dessert, flowers, cards, handwritten notes from our room attendant and turn down service several nights.

We both came back very relaxed and truly enjoyed our trip with great friends.  Thanks again for your involvement in making this happen.

St.-Lucia-Safari-150x150 Sandals-Grande-St.-Lucia2-150x150 Sandals-Grande-St.-Lucia-Resort-View1-150x150

Review by Cecilia 10/21/2014

Dave and I loved it loved it and loved it!!!

Also, thank you so much for the 1st class seats on the last leg home…finished off the trip perfectly.

Sandals Halcyon

Review by Emily, 8/1/2016


We had an amazing time in St.Lucia! It is a very beautiful place to visit and we will definitely go back in the future. We went to all three of the resorts and we were glad that we stayed at Sandals Halcyon. It is not as crowded as the other resorts and it was well maintained. The staff at the Halcyon was beyond amazing! They were very kind and took the time to talk to you and to make sure that you are having an excellent time. They had nightly events (karaoke, lounge singers, chocolate bar, dancers) and they were entertaining! My husband and I spent a few afternoons at the Grande. The beach was awesome. We hiked up the Pigeon mountain and the view was gorgeous! We ate at La Toc a few nights. The food at all three resorts was delicious! The only excursion we did was Joe Knows. It was $250 for two people. They took you to view the Pitons, the volcano mud bath, a waterfall and snorkeling. It also included a delicious creole lunch. I would definitely recommend this excursion, but be careful of the rum punch! It sneaks up on you and knocks you on your feet! My favorite part of the trip was when an employee told us about a turtle nest that hatched on the Halcyon beach. There were 46 baby sea turtles! We missed it, but I wanted to know where the nest was. The employee showed us and dug down a little and out comes a baby sea turtle! He let me hold it! It was an incredible experience. The only complaint that we had was that they allow locals on the beach and they come up to you and try to get you to buy stuff. I would not recommend renting a car. The driving is insane in St.Lucia! I will attach some pictures for you! Thank you for all your help! We will be using Love to Travel in the future and recommend it to family and friends.

 waterfall St Lucia Sandals Halcyon wakeboarding Alex & Emily Sandals Halcyon St Lucia Volcano mud bath St Lucia Sandals Halcyon Joe Know's view from lunch St Lucia Sandals Halcyon Joe Know's snorkeling St Lucia Joe Know's excursion Alex & Emily St. Lucia Grande view from Pigeon mountain Sandals Halcyon Pigeon Mountain St Lucia Sandals Halcyon sea turtle Sandals Halcyon St Lucia

Review by Katie, 4/22/2015

Thank you for helping us plan an amazing trip!!!  We loved EVERYTHING!  The Halcyon was perfect for the Honeymoon.  We liked the peaceful atmosphere.  The accommodations were beautiful and the staff was AMAZING!!!  We are already talking about when we can go back there and also other Sandals resorts we would like to visit.  Do you have any recommendations for ones that would be similar to Halcyon?

We did go hike Pigeon Mountain and really enjoyed that.  It was fun to get to see another one of the Sandals resorts.  We stayed for lunch and enjoyed the food!

We did do one excursion.  We went on the “Joe Knows” tour.  We were happy to get to see and do some things that we might not have been able to do otherwise, but the tour was a little more wild and party time than we are.  Haha!

Thanks for everything!!!!!  We will definitely be using you again in the future.  (Hopefully sooner than later!)

Kellys-Dockside-150x150 Sandals-Halcyon-Lobby-150x150 Pigeon-Island-150x150

Review by Tiffany, 11/17/2014

Oh wow… What a great trip! I would recommend Sandal’s Halcyon to anyone and everyone! It was smaller and more intimate than the other Sandal’s on the island and the people were great! We visited the other resorts, they were beautiful, but so big and Florida high rise feeling. I loved going back to our smaller resort, see a bunch of familiar faces and party the night away.

We did one excursion, which was recommended to us, Joe Knows tour. It was great!! Boat ride around the pitons, mud bath in an active volcano and washed off in a beautiful waterfall. They then fed us a really delicious lunch with a great view of the pitons. We then snorkeled and partied all the way back!

So much fun! I would not change a thing about our whole trip. Traveling to and from went as smoothly as can be and I’m ready to go back already! Thanks for all the help and i plan to use you guys on our next sandals vacation!

Enjoying-the-Pool-at-Sandals-Halcyon-150x150 Night-in-Sandals-Halcyon-150x150 Waterfall-in-St.-Lucia-150x150 The-Pitons-in-St.-Lucia-150x150

Review by Jeff 10/25/2014

Hello Kim,

We had an incredible time on the honeymoon! All of the logistics went as smooth as possible.

We really enjoyed our experience with Love to Travel and will work with you and your team again for any vacation help.

Thanks again!


Review by Karen 9/29/2014

Hi Kim!

We had an amazing time on our honeymoon.  The Halcyon resort was exactly what we were looking for in a honeymoon; private, romantic and fun at the same time.  During the trip we went on an Island tour with the company Joe Knows.  I would highly recommend this to anyone visiting the island.  It included a boat tour, complimentary drinks, a visit to the volcano, mud bath, snorkeling and an authentic Caribbean lunch.  We also went Zip Lining in the rainforest which was fun however, there is pretty rough and takes almost an hour.  We also went Deep Sea fishing and I would not recommend this to anyone.  There were a total of 8 adults in our group and by “fishing” they meant sitting in a chair for 15 minutes and rotating.  We made the best of it but overall, it wasn’t worth the time or money.  All 3 excursions we found via Sandals tourism

The only thing I would recommend for Sandals is maybe to include a better rate for wifi options.  Also, the resort takes photographs of you throughout the week and you are then able to review the and purchase photos.  However, all our photos were lost and we ended up only having 3-4 to choose from for purchasing.  We were a little disappointed in that.

Overall, this was the best flying trip experience I have ever had. All check ins, securities, customs, etc. went very smoothly and we were in and out quickly.  On the flight from Atlanta – St. Lucia Patrick and I were seating in seats separated by the aisle.  Since this is a 4.5 hour flight it would have been nice to sit next to one another.

I truly appreciate all your help and will definitely recommend your services to all friends/family in the future.

Thanks again!

Review by Annie 7/30/2014

Oh my goodness kim it was fantastic. Of course the service was amazing and the food was outstanding. Thank you times 1000 for the tip sheet with Dramamine on it. It saved the trip from sickness many times.
Kevin and I went on 3 big excursions. Land and sea, which was probably our favorite over all. It had everything! The tour guide was very informative, helpful and funny too. We ate great food and drank the “baby maker/rum punch.” I think Kevin liked it best because the sea portion was a catamaran rather than a speed boat. Beautiful tour.
We also climbed the piton mountain. AMAZING! But something you can definitely add the the tip sheet for that is to bring a backpack, 4 to 6 water bottles for the couple, bug spray, and a 5 hour energy. It was Soooo intense and a very discouraging climb…. However now that I’ve done it, It was worth every sweat dripped. Lol
The last excursion we went on was the horseback riding. I really enjoyed it. However, I thought it was strange that you really only ride for less than an hour all together. We did get some really neat pictures on that ride.
We played at all three as suggested and I’m glad we stayed at Halcyon. The property is so quaint and intimate. Right up our alley! We liked how quiet it was most nights compared to the other properties; we thought it was very romantic. We golfed at LaToc and beached it at Grande. I won 1st place for the girls putt putt competition, proud of it too! =) at the grande Kevin and I took caribean dance lessons. We learned quite a few little numbers. We had such a great fun filled time.
Thank you for suggesting saint lucia to us; it couldn’t have been any better…. really!

harbin5-150x150 harbin3-150x150 harbin4-150x150 harbin2-150x150 harbin6-150x150 harbin1-150x150

Review by Jeni 6/26/2014

Hi Carrie! Sandals Halcyon was absolutely GORGEOUS!! We visited the other two but we are so glad we chose Halcyon to stay at. That definitely fit our want list. The excursions were amazing! We took an island tour called the Mutiny and our driver was such a great guy and kept our excitement level high and met our expectations for sure! The other excursion we did was the Tree Top Zip Trip and that was so crazy fun!!

Thank you for helping make our honeymoon extremely memorable!!

Beach-Shoot-150x150 Beach-Shoot2-150x150 Beach-Shoot3-150x150 Sandals-Halcyon-150x150 Sandals-Halcyon1-150x150 Sandals-La-Toc-150x150 Sandals-La-Toc1-150x150 Zip-Line-Tour-150x150

Sandals Regency La Toc

Review by Shanyn 6/8/2016

The trip was amazing!! So beautiful. We ended up going on a few excursions the Tree Top Zip Lining and Joe Knows were our absolute favorite and would recommend everyone to do them!! The resort was perfect!! The beach was beautiful!! We did the candlelight dinner for two on the beach which was so romantic!! The food there is amazing! We have been telling everyone about our trip and great experience with you guys!! Thank you so much for all the help! We will for sure see you guys for our next vacation!! 

Thank you again, 


Review by Jessica, 10/25/2015



I apologize for the delay! Our honeymoon was absolutely perfect! We actually decided to take the helicopter ride to the hotel to avoid the hour and a half drive. Totally worth it and since we did it day of, we actually got a deal on it! We did the Zip lining, which was awesome and the sunset cruise which besides not seeing the sun set it was such a great night. Our Butler service was defiantly worth the money and we loved Delia and Combie! We actually upgraded our room for the last 3 nights to have a private pool! All in all, we loved the trip and want to thank you all for your help to set it all up!

Review by Katie, 11/14/2014

Hi Kim,

We had a FANTASTIC time in Saint Lucia!  Thank you so much for all of your help planning and getting us organized to go. We loved the resort and the Sandals experience — everything was absolutely perfect for our honeymoon.  We enjoyed our time at La Toc, and also spent a day at the beach/ had dinner at the Grande and thought it was wonderful too.  We would go back to either resort in a heartbeat. We booked a tour through Sandals while we were there – Joe Knows – and had a great time.  We thought the guides were fun & knowledgeable and it was a good way to see different attractions/ parts of the island all in one excursion.  We would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to get out and about while they are there.

We are already talking about another Sandals trip in the future and have recommended you all to several of our friends planning honeymoons! :-)


Thanks for everything!

St.-Lucia-Beach-View-150x150 St.-Lucia-Ocean-View-150x150 Sunset-in-St.-Lucia-150x150 St.-Lucia--150x150

Ti Kaye Resort & Spa

Review by Dawn  3/12/2015

Hi Betsy,

We had a wonderful trip to St Lucia!!  The Ti Kaye resort is truly fantastic!  We loved the seclusion, and the staff was absolutely at our beckon call!!  Anything we needed from our spa day to our excursions was taken care of for us:) Our room was to die for!  Anyone going must get the Le cottage with the plunge pool!  Totally worth the extra money!

We would recommend Ti Kaye to anyone looking for a romantic, secluded get away!

We did the Piton Climb while we were there.  It was amazing!  We had a great guide who made it fun!  We booked it through the resort.  As a side note, it is truly a climb, 2 hours up and 1 1/2 down!  We are fairly fit people, and we found it pretty hard!  We loved it though and would do it again!  The view from the top at 2600 feet is incredible!  We also did the wine tasting with Cleus at the resort.  We were so impressed by his knowledge and what a fun and personal experience!  We were the only ones in the wine Kave!

We also did the honeymoon package at the spa.  WOW!  The views during the massage are incredible!  Overall, truly amazing vacation!  Wish we could go back next month!!  We loved St Lucia!  The people there are awesome and the island is gorgeous!!  Thank you to your staff for helping us plan our trip!  We will be calling again soon to plan our next get away!

Beach-View-150x150 View-from-Cottage-Deck-150x150 View-of-Pitons-150x150 View-on-top-of-Gros-Piton-150x150 Wine-Kave-150x150 Wine-Tasting-with-Cleus-150x150 Cottage-Pool-150x150 St.-Lucia-View-150x150