Turks & Caicos

Beaches Turks & Caicos

Review by Sandy, 6/29/2016

We had a great time.  Our room was very nice, it had a second bathroom which we weren’t expecting, but made it more convenient for us.  We were able to attend the welcome back luncheon which was very nice.  I would also say that they have stepped up the menu’s and service at the restaurants.   

We took the catamaran  cruise to Iguana Island and would definitely recommend it.  It included a 20 minute snorkeling stop at the reef. 

We also took a cab into town for shopping, very close to some nice shops.  The cab ride was on the expensive side though.  More than what is charged in New York City, but we are glad we went.

Review by Betsy, 3/22/2016

Hi Dave.  Sorry we are just now answering back.  We took another trip to San Diego over the break and am just now catching up on emails. 

Turks and Caicos/Beaches was amazing.  While we had to get up a little earlier and have a connection (vs direct to Cancun) we still feel like we were on the beach about the same time as when we travel to Mexico because we were through the airport and into a van so fast and a short commute.  

We would definitely recommend the resort to others.  The Kids Club was great for our 9 year old.  He spent most of his time there (and on the basketball court).  While the resort is big, it really didn’t feel that big.  We think we got a prime spot too.  We got upgraded (though they never actually said that to us but I knew what room we had booked and this wasn’t the same, John wasn’t aware until I told him) so we were in a Caribbean villa (I think) that was right next to the Italian high-rise but a short walk to both the beach and kids club.  I never felt like the resort was too big (we like smaller resorts).  However, I wouldn’t have wanted to stay in the French section as that would have felt like we were far away from the beach and more like a big resort.  I know the Italian, Key West and French sections are all newer (and supposedly nicer) but we were honestly just fine with the Caribbean location.  We hardly stay in our room anyway!  

Food was good.  We realized about mid-way through the week that you could have any resort box up a meal for you and take it to the pool or back to the room.  Enjoyed the wood fired pizzas but the wait was long.  Glad I went early as there was an hour wait!

One disappointing thing that no one really had any control over was the water.  We relaxed on the beach on Monday but weren’t able to do that any of the week as beginning Tuesday morning the beach was pretty much gone under high tide and waves.  I was surprised how long and skinny the beaches were.  It was red flag all week with barely any beach.  Luckily Saturday morning it cleared and we got to walk down to snorkel.  That was amazing and I’m bummed we only got to do that one time.  I would tell you to highly recommend and explain that to anyone going.  Also, did we hear correctly that the resort includes snorkel trips on their boat?  We thought that’s what the guy said when we were checking out the equipment to walk down but the 10am tour was booked.  And, of course, it hadn’t been going at all during the week.  

Here’s a pic of Ben.  Not sure we got any good family ones!  The water really was that beautiful!  Amazing!

Amazing Water at Beaches Turks & CaicosBeaches Turks & Caicos!

Review by Julie, 3/8/2016

The trip was wonderful.  We didn’t have the warmest weather upper 70’s, but we didn’t get rain until our last day so that was good.  It was pretty windy while we were there too (yellow flag a couple days and the rest were red) so we didn’t get a chance to snorkel, but there was plenty to do there.


Our 4 year old daughter begged us to go to day camp so we took her on day 2.  She went back for a few hours each day as she had so much fun.  She would have been happy to stay longer, but I wanted her with us too! 


Our older boys weren’t interested in going to the day camp.  They swam a lot, jumped waves in the ocean, and played in the sand.  They loved hanging out around Bobby D’s helping themselves to pizza and ice cream as well as being able to order food whenever they wanted!  My daughter’s favorite thing was cotton candy every day from 11 AM-5 PM!!!


The resort was beautiful and our room ended up being great too.  They were too full to upgrade our room, but we ended up in room 620 in the pink building and had a nice view of the ocean.


The food was good.  It wasn’t outstanding, but it was fine and we always found something we liked.  Breakfasts were always good.  Our favorite place for breakfast was Guisseppe’s.  We normally had a late breakfast so we would just grab something little for lunch.  My favorite meal was dinner at Mario’s and my kids thought Kimonos was fun.


The pools were nice and I liked that there were many to choose from.  There is definitely not enough seating though.  If you had a butler you were set, but otherwise chairs were taken very early.  We lucked into chairs one day at the Caribbean pool.  We were never able to find chairs at the French or Italian pool.  We were able to find chairs that we could move together at the Pirates pool area by the big slides.  Not the greatest location, but atleast there was a place to put your stuff.  We never had an issue getting chairs at the beach so we would often start our day at the beach and then move to the pools later in the day.


We did sign up for family pictures thru the resort.  They did a really nice job and we got some nice family shots! 


We didn’t do any excursions.


Our family had a great vacation.  We could have easily stayed 7 nights and not run out of things to do.  We hope to go back sometime.  I’m not sure the other Beaches resorts will compare for my kids as this one was so big and had so much to do, they’ll always compare to Turks.  I’d definitely like your opinion on that as I’m sure you’ve been to all of them. 


This will definitely be a vacation our kids won’t forget, which is exactly what I was hoping for!


Thanks again, we will all have fond memories of this trip!